PANTHERS PERNITH HEALTH CENTER | Architecture Contest Winner

Project #MadeinDasein

A bold concept, an iconic design, modern aesthetics and clear idea for the building to be really recognizable and represent a Brand with an unforgettable look.

The bridge is the key element of this project. It holds all the main spaces and connects both buildings internally by the second floor and externally by its green rooftop. in one corner it holds the pool and in the other the restaurant, and between them, the gym and other public spaces and walkways. Under this bridge we have the main entrances of both buildings, the central walk throw and under each corner, spaces for retail stores if you like. On both sides of the lot there are two ramps for sub-ground car parking, maybe one for entrance and the other for exit, so internal car movement should be really fluid. The facade consists on metal panels with micro perforated slabs, everything mounted on steel profiles.

Medical Centre Photo - 03Medical Centre Photo - 08Medical Centre Photo - 07Medical Centre Photo - 04Medical Centre Photo - 01Medical Centre Photo - 09Medical Centre Photo - 10Medical Centre Photo - 13

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