“Puerta Dorada” Real Estate Investment Sale Point – Ibagué,  Tolima, Colombia.

Project #MadeinDasein – Under Construction 2020

SV Puerta Dorada Render Final HQ - (15)

The concept of the pavilion that will function as a “Sales Room” is proposed with a morphology and materials that refer to the real estate architecture to be developed on site. The graphic proposal for branding and the iconography of the enterprise were also taken as guidelines to generate an architecture of high visual impact. The main objective is to capture the attention of passers-by in the area with a structure that promotes the tower to be built as good architecture, contemporary and ecological.

SV Puerta Dorada Render Final HQ - (1)SV Puerta Dorada Render Final HQ - (3)SV Puerta Dorada Render Final HQ - (4)

Working with clear and transparent materials, such as translucent and metal sheets and  finish panels in clear colors highlights the idea of luminosity of the main project. This will allow good natural lighting in the exhibition during the day, and a proposal for low-cost and striking night lighting.

SV Puerta Dorada Render Final HQ - (16)SV Puerta Dorada Render Final HQ - (18)

Reinforcing the idea of the project’s philosophy, the construction system is proposed to take advantage of the ephemeral character of the architecture. Construction will be carried in detachable modules, increasing project economy basing on its possible reuse. Using the assembly logic characteristic of wood elements, the construction can be done by assembling modules prefabricated in the workshop. Thus achieving maximum efficiency in construction, being fast, organized and clean.

In the interior of the enclosure there is a virtual division between the exhibition space in double height and the spaces of use for located in the lower zones. In this way, contained bays are generated to locate programmatic areas such as the Virtual Reality Station, the Kitchen Mock-up, or the sales area.

SV Puerta Dorada Render Final HQ - (13)SV Puerta Dorada Render Final HQ - (12)SV Puerta Dorada Render Final HQ - (10)SV Puerta Dorada Render Final HQ - (14)


D:DocumentsDASEINteamPablo SalcedoPuerta DoradaPuerta DortaD:DocumentsDASEINteamPablo SalcedoPuerta DoradaPuerta DortaD:DocumentsDASEINteamPablo SalcedoPuerta DoradaPuerta DortaD:DocumentsDASEINteamPablo SalcedoPuerta DoradaPuerta Dorta

DL&W Corridor – Landscape Constest Proposal

Project #MadeinDasein

The Western New York Land Conservancy invited designers, architects, landscape architects, urban planners, and artists to submit visionary concepts to a juried competition laying the groundwork to transform the abandoned, 1.5-mile elevated DL&W rail corridor connecting Buffalo’s downtown with its waterfront through three distinct and historic neighborhoods.

This Design Ideas Competition is the next step in reimagining the DL&W corridor, following the work of community leaders, residents, planners, and advocates who have championed the potential of this site for years


– Clara Miguens – Rodrigo Ruiz Medina – Victoria González – María Lorena Carballo – Lucia Griotti – Sirio Esteban Rifah – Laura Gianina Carballo.

– DASEINteam: Nicolás Benedetti &  Marina Hurst


Our proposal embraces the life around the park. It creates spaces for community
participation and welcomes local activities, making this an ideal place to express the virtues of a multicultural society with enormous historic content.
We included the existent elements of the entertainment area of Buffalo City and its future subway terminal. We formalized the idea of an Urban Door, reinforcing, by the use of complex blocks highlighting green areas and pedestrian access, a threshold to access the park.
We prioritized the linkage “River-Elevated Park-City” through infrastructure that separates the means of transportation: motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. Urban bridges and the inclusion of bicycle lanes emphasize this concept.
At street crosses we propose sidewalk level “Pocket plazas” to foster residents and visitors encounters, creating the link neighborhood-park and easing the flow of pedestrians and cyclist circulating around the area.
The elevated surfaces of the park are made of planks linked together creating the path for pedestrians-cyclists. They are crossed by “Parkaids” where you can rest or use your leisure time recreatively. Its orientation and vegetation control how much you can see and the access to adjacent building, making it a priority to preserve neighbors’ privacy. However, the linkage park-lot is fostered in the area adjacent to South Park Av. promoting its commercial development.
Half way there, we meet the railway crossing, adding an access bridge to the natural area. The pedestrian walk ends in an area that will have administrative buildings and plants nurseries. Its linkage with Red Jacket Park and the river forces us to connect the corridor with paths and activities that can be adapted to different seasons.
After crossing the old railway bridge, we arrive at the end of the park. There is a waterway in the lower level. We incorporated activities in hidden areas to avoid marginalization situations by the presence of people around. In the upper level, we will deploy a footbridge over the railway that ends in two viewpoints. Finally, we propose a managerial structure that ensures the park maintenance by a community participation application, suggesting and controlling its good use, schedule and self-sustainability.



SALZBURG PHARMACEUTICAL LAB| Architecture Private Contest Runner-up

Project #MadeinDasein

An Iconic Design with an economical and modulated conception, that recongnizes the evironment, the slope of the ground, and the orientation towards the sun.

The general idea of this preliminary draft was to create two separate volumes in the ground floor with two individual entries, connected in the first floor, creating an open area with a view through a patio towards the central tree, and the parking lot. From the patio you can access both venues on the ground floor. To the left there is the main entrance with the double floor height, with a welcoming counter, and two small meeting rooms that can become one when needed. The entrance on the right leads directly to the lab warehouse, that may also allow inner divisions.

The second floor encloses the labs and offices. An isolated sector that can contains the CEO office with space for a secretary or a waiting area. Two large open spaces where the production and development offices can be easily arranged, articulated by a lounge zone with the company Cafe and a small kitchen for employees. Each of these areas has its own terrace, oriented differently to make the most of the sun light and ventilations. The hole structure is designed and modulated having in mind the need of flexibility, with a grid that allows a number of different configurations of the space. Toilet Services and storage units divide the walkways from the working areas allowing them to have some privacy. The wooden facade is designed with vertical timbers in other to control the sunlight incidence, and there is also a compound system for shading in all windows.

New Company Building - (1)New Company Building - (8)New Company Building - (5)New Company Building - (7)New Company Building - (4)New Company Building - (3)New Company Building - (9)New Company Building - (6)


Project #MadeInDasein

The General idea was to convert our two bedroom apartment where we have our Workspace into an actual Design Studio, making a small renovation in terms of the alteration of the interior walls.

We started by making a castling between our excessively large bedroom and the dining room. This was possible also by moving the access hall into a equidistant place that is connected to both rooms. Then we shrunk a bit the original large bedroom, which allowed us to create a smaller third room that we would use as a Studio and eventual second bedroom for visits.

We based the Interior Design on the original calcareous flooring, that gave the hole thing the classical milanese look. Then with some inexpensive furnishing and re-use of some fixtures we achieved the desired mood. This project is based in combining materials in order to achieve a cozy warm and unpretentious style. Putting special attention in an intelligent use of the space.

check it out! hope you like it as much as we do!

Atelier Dasein 012Atelier Dasein 013Atelier Dasein 017Atelier Dasein 014Atelier Dasein 016Atelier Dasein 015Sleepy-CAT

SAN BORJA FOOTBRIDGES | Architecture Contest 2nd Prize

Project #MadeinDasein

The “Ensamble San Borja” proposal won second place in the San Borja Footbridges contest in Santiago, Chile. The main objective of the contest was to recognize “the best urban design ideas that contribute to define criteria for intervention and generation of proposals for the Barrio San Borja”.

The winning proposal of the second place aspires to create “a living space that mutates according to the needs and adapts to the demands”.

– Clara Miguens
– Rodrigo Ruiz Medina
– Nicolás Benedetti
– Marina Constanza Hurst
– Victoria González
– María Lorena Carballo
– Daniela Moder Estrada

Check post here.

Check Winners and Mentions here. 

Pasarelas Verdes - Render 003Pasarelas Verdes - Render 002Pasarelas Verdes - AxoPasarelas Verdes - Plan}Pasarelas Verdes - CortesPasarelas Verdes - Render 001Pasarelas Verdes - EnsamblePasarelas Verdes - Plan Detail

PANTHERS PERNITH HEALTH CENTER | Architecture Contest Winner

Project #MadeinDasein

A bold concept, an iconic design, modern aesthetics and clear idea for the building to be really recognizable and represent a Brand with an unforgettable look.

The bridge is the key element of this project. It holds all the main spaces and connects both buildings internally by the second floor and externally by its green rooftop. in one corner it holds the pool and in the other the restaurant, and between them, the gym and other public spaces and walkways. Under this bridge we have the main entrances of both buildings, the central walk throw and under each corner, spaces for retail stores if you like. On both sides of the lot there are two ramps for sub-ground car parking, maybe one for entrance and the other for exit, so internal car movement should be really fluid. The facade consists on metal panels with micro perforated slabs, everything mounted on steel profiles.

Medical Centre Photo - 03Medical Centre Photo - 08Medical Centre Photo - 07Medical Centre Photo - 04Medical Centre Photo - 01Medical Centre Photo - 22Medical Centre Photo - 12Medical Centre Photo - 09Medical Centre Photo - 10Medical Centre Photo - 02Medical Centre Photo - 13Medical Centre Photo - 19Penrith Panthers Medical Centre - (5)Penrith Panthers Medical Centre - (6)Penrith Panthers Medical Centre - (19)




Project #MadeinDasein

Interior Design Consultancy for a NEW Restaurant in Israel

Interior design for comercial projects should lift up any company by offering identity. In this project the main idea was to make the costumers enter in an interior garden with an eastern feel. To achieve this goal a wooden structure hangs from the ceiling, in which an ivy can grow.


NOGAL APARTMENT | Home Interior Design

Project #MadeinDasein

This is an Interior Design Project for a family appartment  in Tel Aviv , Israel. Developed as an ONLINE CONSULTANCY, with the #GetThePicture program, which is comfortable and easy!

This project is based in combining materials in order to achieve a cozy warm and little luxiurious style. Putting special attention in an intelligent use of the space.

The parents bedroom was carefully studied, in order to make the wardrobe more comfortable we integrated it to the room, and we developed a long storage unit that will be super useful for shoes or out of season clothes.


OASIS POOL | Landscape design

Project #MadeinDasein

This is a Landscape Design Consultancy we developed for a family house in  Melbourne, Australia.

When deciding were to built a pool or any modification in backyard, is always good to get some counselling in order to take into account as many variables as posible.

Orientation towards the sun, relation with the existing architecture, free playing area, and zonification, are only some of the main ideas to take into account before making any decision

We came up with this three options to the client. The first one is the chosen alternative. Contact us if you are looking for this kind of advise!




02 001_Photo - 602 001_Photo - 102 001_Photo - 302 001_Photo - 8


03_Photo - 603_Photo - 803_Photo - 103_Photo - 3


MEDITERRANEAN SUITE | Design & 360° Rendering

Project #MadeinDasein

Bedroom interior design for a suite in a rustic mood.

The Virtual Reality features work well on mobile devices, iOS and Android. On desktop browsers, web VR is still in its infancy, and at the moment headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive require experimental browser builds. Eventually, these features should appear in stable versions of the common browsers.

Guest Room Interior design Render Mediterranean(2)Guest Room Interior design Render Mediterranean(3)Guest Room Interior design Render Mediterranean(1)