Wooden office lighted up by night

DASEIN [ˈdaːzaɪn]:
German word that means “being there” or “presence”.
Composed by: da “there”; sein “to be”.

DASEIN is a 3D Architecture Studio committed to add value to design projects though the use of BIM software, augmented reality, and the expertise and know-how of its human resources. A team of young professionals managing all kind of design projects with an integral and online workflow.

Founded in 2017 in Italy by Marina Hurst and Nicolas Benedetti, both graduated architects from Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. The team grew in 2021 with the addition of Lorena Aybar, Interior Designer graduated from Politecnico di Milano.

Dasein is born as a life project, as a corollary of a will of who we want to be, not only of what we want to do. to live in the world, to project ourselves in the context and to find ourselves in it.

We are people who find it hard to stay still. we have a drive to explore and discover new places all the time, so Dasein is an entity without a permanent location. we are on the move.

We are not an itinerant studio but neither are we a fixed office. virtuality driven by the technological revolution is a double challenge and opportunity, to experience and adapt to new extrasensorial realities and at the same time the possibility of creating new worlds and ways of linking with the physical surrounding. renewing the environment around us refreshes our creative energy and drives us to learn from new ways of living.

Argentina is the country that has raised and educated us and Italy is the one that has sheltered us and given us the opportunity to use as a base and starting point for our adventures. the legendary island of Sicily in the middle of the Mediterranean will be the next instance on our roadmap.

Existence, Dasein, “being-in-the-world”, are synonyms. therefore we owe ourselves to our identity and decide to project ourselves into the world by constantly seeking to discover places and experiences. thus entering into constant feedback between the projection and insertion into the real world of Dasein and the intertwining of our daily lives with this drive to project ourselves into a context.

It is here that we can clearly see the meaning of the word Dasein: to be or to be here. It is all about the human being as inserted in a context of things and people, a world, which precedes him and which conditions his existence, drives him to transcend himself as a project.

“Ich bin mit meinem Dasein zufrieden”

«I am truly satisfied with my existence»

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