SAN BORJA FOOTBRIDGES | Architecture Contest 2nd Prize

Project #MadeinDasein

The “Ensamble San Borja” proposal won second place in the San Borja Footbridges contest in Santiago, Chile. The main objective of the contest was to recognize “the best urban design ideas that contribute to define criteria for intervention and generation of proposals for the Barrio San Borja”.

The winning proposal of the second place aspires to create “a living space that mutates according to the needs and adapts to the demands”.

– Clara Miguens
– Rodrigo Ruiz Medina
– Nicolás Benedetti
– Marina Constanza Hurst
– Victoria González
– María Lorena Carballo
– Daniela Moder Estrada

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Pasarelas Verdes - Render 003Pasarelas Verdes - Render 002Pasarelas Verdes - AxoPasarelas Verdes - Plan}Pasarelas Verdes - CortesPasarelas Verdes - Render 001Pasarelas Verdes - EnsamblePasarelas Verdes - Plan Detail

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