Project #MadeInDasein

The General idea was to convert our two bedroom apartment where we have our Workspace into an actual Design Studio, making a small renovation in terms of the alteration of the interior walls.

We started by making a castling between our excessively large bedroom and the dining room. This was possible also by moving the access hall into a equidistant place that is connected to both rooms. Then we shrunk a bit the original large bedroom, which allowed us to create a smaller third room that we would use as a Studio and eventual second bedroom for visits.

We based the Interior Design on the original calcareous flooring, that gave the hole thing the classical milanese look. Then with some inexpensive furnishing and re-use of some fixtures we achieved the desired mood. This project is based in combining materials in order to achieve a cozy warm and unpretentious style. Putting special attention in an intelligent use of the space.

check it out! hope you like it as much as we do!

Atelier Dasein 012Atelier Dasein 013Atelier Dasein 017Atelier Dasein 014Atelier Dasein 016Atelier Dasein 015Sleepy-CAT

Published by DASEIN .visualizing spaces.

The DASEIN Team is formed by architects dedicated to create great images and animations by 3D Modeling Design & Rendering. We provide visual collaborations for architecture, interior design, real state and marketing with high impact images to show the highlight of their projects. Modeling and rendering any design, taking special care of furniture and material we make sure to get the picture.

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