SALZBURG PHARMACEUTICAL LAB| Architecture Private Contest Runner-up

Project #MadeinDasein

An Iconic Design with an economical and modulated conception, that recongnizes the evironment, the slope of the ground, and the orientation towards the sun.

The general idea of this preliminary draft was to create two separate volumes in the ground floor with two individual entries, connected in the first floor, creating an open area with a view through a patio towards the central tree, and the parking lot. From the patio you can access both venues on the ground floor. To the left there is the main entrance with the double floor height, with a welcoming counter, and two small meeting rooms that can become one when needed. The entrance on the right leads directly to the lab warehouse, that may also allow inner divisions.

The second floor encloses the labs and offices. An isolated sector that can contains the CEO office with space for a secretary or a waiting area. Two large open spaces where the production and development offices can be easily arranged, articulated by a lounge zone with the company Cafe and a small kitchen for employees. Each of these areas has its own terrace, oriented differently to make the most of the sun light and ventilations. The hole structure is designed and modulated having in mind the need of flexibility, with a grid that allows a number of different configurations of the space. Toilet Services and storage units divide the walkways from the working areas allowing them to have some privacy. The wooden facade is designed with vertical timbers in other to control the sunlight incidence, and there is also a compound system for shading in all windows.

New Company Building - (1)New Company Building - (8)New Company Building - (5)New Company Building - (7)New Company Building - (4)New Company Building - (3)New Company Building - (9)New Company Building - (6)

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